Leftover mussels?

They were delicious, but there's still a good dozen left. Can I save them? Also, what about the ones I didn't cook because I thought were dead, but they finally revived. Do I just toss those in the regular trash?

sarah k.


amysarah April 9, 2011
Forgot something - you could reduce the quantities to just make Ravigote sauce for 12 mussels; but it's also delicious on cold shrimp, poached salmon, etc. - so any add'l sauce need not go to waste.
amysarah April 9, 2011
You could do a small batch of one of my favorite mussel dishes - cold, on the half shell, with a classic Ravigote Sauce (a bit retro French and really delicious.) I kind of eyeball it, but this online recipe looks pretty close - varying the herbs, etc. (I'm sure Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Pierre Franey, etc. have versions of the recipe too):


Just start from the point where the mussels are already cooked. A great first course, or by itself with a glass of cold dry white wine. Yum.
inpatskitchen April 9, 2011
When I was in the seafood business and we had mussels leftover from the weekend, I would bring them home, steam them briefly, and freeze them in their liquid. Next time I made chowder, I'd add them at the end. I've actually seen frozen mussel meat in stores.
Greenstuff April 8, 2011
If the supposedly dead mussels are really alive, cook them up right away and add them to the rest of your leftovers.

A dozen leftovers won't go far, but you can keep them for a couple days, adding them to salads or just eating them up when you'd like a little snack. Mussels are remarkably, somewhat surprisingly good, in pumpkin (squash) soups. My brother often cooks a lot of additional mussels, puts them on skewers, brushes them with olive oil, and very briefly grills them over charcoal. They come out smoky and delicious.
usuba D. April 8, 2011
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