I am making these today, and am questioning the volume of yeast. Has anyone made them? How much yeast should I use?



hardlikearmour March 26, 2012
They turned out great! I commented on the recipe. The first batter rose really well with a single packet of yeast - at room temperature took less than 2 hours. I did have to add a bit of extra flour as the finished batter was a bit loose. Texture and flavor seemed like the Liege-style waffles I have had in Portland (at the Waffle Window.)
hardlikearmour March 25, 2012
I have the first batter made. I went with my gut and used a single package of yeast. I will report back once they are done! I can't wait!
tuscanfoodie March 26, 2012
so, how did they turn out? Did the reduced amount of yeast cause troubles?
hardlikearmour March 25, 2012
Thanks, tuscanfoodie! I wasn't sure if you meant 2.5 teaspoons (about 1 packet) or 2.5 packets.
tuscanfoodie March 25, 2012
The yeast is specified in the list of ingredients: it is the first item. One bag of yeast is normally 7gr (1/4 oz). I have made them plenty of time, and they come out well. Let me know how they work for you.
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