Too much yeast in preferment--what to do?!

I've made this bread every week for the past 4 months, but tonight I oops'ed and added 1/2 tsp yeast to the preferment instead of the called-for 1/4 tsp. Should I reduce the yeast in the dough by 1/4 tsp when I make the rest tomorrow? Or should I add the full 2 tsp and just have extra-yeasty bread?! Help!

  • Posted by: Alyssa
  • March 3, 2018


Stephanie B. March 3, 2018
I think your preferment and bread will be fine, go ahead and reduce the yeast in your final dough, if you'd like. I made a bread recipe from preferment that called for 1/2tsp yeast, and one that called for 1/4tsp - the final dough called for an additional 1 1/2tsp yeast regardless of the preferment. For a second there I misread your question and thought it was a tbsp vs tsp issue and was really worried for your bread!
Alyssa March 3, 2018
Ha! I'd have a bread-monster with a tpsp ;) Thanks for your input!
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