New ice cream maker

Alright I finally broke down and superfluously purchased an ice cream maker to help survive the Tucson summers. Anyone have some favorite ice cream recipes I should test out or any good cookbooks/sources?

And if you're looking at this confused about why anyone would want to make ice cream in March, it's been 80 degrees all week here!


  • Posted by: enbe
  • March 28, 2012


cookbookchick March 28, 2012
I recently made Jeni's Splendid lemon ice cream from the recipe on Food52 using Meyer lemons. It was, indeed, splendid!
pierino March 28, 2012
An ice cream maker is not a superflous purchase. I've spent more time in Tuscon than I would care to admit.
mrslarkin March 28, 2012
Hi enbe! Here's a Genius Recipe link from last year: Haven't tried it myself, but it sounds good!!

What kind of ice cream maker did you get? Tell us!

One of my recent ice cream creations was this one. It's super yummy.
enbe March 28, 2012
Hi mrslarkin :)

I bought the simple cuisinart model (the ICE-21?). I've always been enticed to buy one and...the magic of internet sales made it too hard to resist this time.

I saved your recipe. That sounds sooo delicious. Thanks!
Amanda H. March 28, 2012
Kristen wrote about a lemon cream ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams at Home (great book):
enbe March 28, 2012
Oooh that looks amazing! Excellent suggestion. Thanks :)
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