can anyone identify this Chinese fruit

I have been told this is a Chinese fruit--would anyone know what it's called? It has the most delicious, wonderful smell--almost floral, but it tastes like a sour pear. The seeds are too hard to bite. It's about the size of an apricot.

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rt21 March 30, 2012
I've also made Guava sorbet..... Very tasty
ChefOno March 30, 2012
Guava jelly-filled malasadas
Devangi R. March 30, 2012
Everyone here is right these are guavas...the firm they are taste very good..compared to the mushy yellow skinned. Panfusine's suggestion is really good. I like to add chat masala or li hing mui powder (dry powder of plum). And, we do make indian spiced veggie..i know it sounds wierd but yes.
Then, Darlene is right it can be really tasty in making jellies or jams. And, you can make cream cheese and guava stuffing esp red ones into stuffed french toast.
Darlene C. March 29, 2012
@mrslarkin- I made guava jelly last year. I have been hoarding my last 2 jars. The smell that perfumed the house while canning was amazing!
mrslarkin March 29, 2012
yep, Panafusine is correct! That is guava. They do smell awesome. I'm always tempted to buy some, but don't know what I would do with it.
Panfusine March 29, 2012
Cut them up into salads, they go great with other tropical fruit. I usually quarter them, add a mix of salt & paprika to sprinkle on and eat them like its sold on the streets.
Panfusine March 29, 2012
I meant almost as common in Asian countries. they have sub varieties that may bear fruits the size of grapefruits.
Panfusine March 29, 2012
Guava, the white variety. which happens to be almost as common as the elongated red pulp one that is more common in the US
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