quince or canned pears instead of poached

i'm going to do dave lebovitz's almond pear tart for the 1st time. he says poached quince is a substitution for the poached pears as is canned pear halves. i don't like pears so i don't know if (best quality) canned pears will yield a good result. if i can't find pears, i could go w apples or quince. hoping u have some thoughts. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • April 14, 2022


AntoniaJames April 14, 2022
I would use "canned" pears, preferably ones in jars, not cans, as those will be firmer. (It requires a much higher heat to process in metal than glass, so tinned foods tend to be mushier as a result.) If you don't like pears, then poaching apples or quince until somewhat tender would be a perfectly fine substitute in that almond pear tart. Quince tend to be a lot of work, I've found, so if you could get canned quince, that may be easier. I've never bought or eaten any, so I don't know if they would be firm enough. Quince generally are a firm fruit, however, so I'm guessing that would work. Let us know what you use, please, and how it turns out! Thank you. ;o)
Nancy April 14, 2022
Alan -
If you're using canned or bottled products, apples and quince are both delicious and often recommended as replacements for pears. And quince is delicious, if a fruit new to you.
If you can't find packaged whole or half apples or quince, consider applesauce or quince jam. Both would be a serious modification of the Lebowitz recipe - reduce quantities vis-a-vis original fresh, and also some of the sugar. Use them more as a spread than the traditional fanned cut fruit.
If you want to use fresh produce, better to wait until those two fruits are in season where you are.
alan April 14, 2022
i'll hopefully make it within a month. i think it has almond paste in it, so while a puree might work taste-wise, it would not b the nice shingled tart dave offers. at a minimum, i can get apples. i saw pears a month ago. not sure if they're available now in israel. will inquire about quince and will report back when i make it. Tx
Nancy April 14, 2022
Yes the shingled/fanned out fruit are lovely. I can understand your going for that visual. Plus the greater amount of fruit.
Good - let us know what you make, and how it turns out!
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