Pear sauce instead of applesauce

Has anyone substituted pears for apples and does it need to be bulked up with other ingredients?

  • Posted by: fuhsi
  • October 28, 2018


fuhsi October 30, 2018
Thank you cv and MrsMehitabel for your answers in the affirmative!
MrsMehitabel October 30, 2018
Yes. It is delicious and doesn't need to be bulked up. I like to make a chunky pear filling (read: applesauce!) for bear claw danishes. Recommended!
702551 October 29, 2018
Applesauce varies based on the cultivar used so sauce made from a Fuji will have a different consistency than Granny Smith, Gravenstein, etc.

Based on decades of experience cooking fruits, I would say the same goes for pears: the cultivar used makes a difference. Also, based on my experience, I would say that cooked pear has a similar texture to cooked apple from a general perspective.

So choose your pear cultivar wisely if you are picky about the consistency of the final sauce, otherwise just use something that is conveniently available.

Best of luck.
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