Is there a difference between regular, red, and black quinoa besides just the color?

Can they be used interchangeably in recipes?

  • Posted by: m1800
  • March 30, 2012


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The black has a crunchier mouthfeel as well
la D. March 31, 2012
I use red, black, and regular quinoa interchangeably in recipes without any problems. Just depends on what kind of color I'm looking for on the plate.
susan G. March 30, 2012
If quinoa follows the usual pattern in foods, more color is an indication of more antioxidant components.

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pierino March 30, 2012
The differences in flavor are subtle, hardly overwhelming, but they are there. Red and black can make your plating more interesting.
LeBec F. March 30, 2012
I had no idea red and black existed. Must try some. thx much.
LornaFarris March 30, 2012
There is certainly a flavor difference. Red and black quinoa have a stronger flavor then regular. As far as I know it would probably be ok to use any of the three in a recipe calling for red or black quinoa - but you should be careful when substituting red or black for regular. The stronger flavor might overwhelm the other flavors in the recipe.
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