What is the difference in flavor between white, red and black quinoa?



Aaron &. April 12, 2023
While all types of quinoa have a similar nutty flavor and fluffy texture, there are some subtle differences in taste between white, red, and black quinoa.

White quinoa is the most common type and has a mild, subtle flavor with a slightly earthy and nutty taste. It is also the most tender and cooks the fastest, making it a popular choice for salads, side dishes, and breakfast bowls.

Red quinoa has a slightly earthier and nuttier flavor than white quinoa, along with a slightly chewier texture. It also retains its shape better when cooked, making it a good choice for dishes such as pilafs, stuffings, and grain bowls.

Black quinoa has the strongest flavor of the three types and has a slightly sweet, earthy taste with a nutty aroma. It also has a firmer texture and retains its shape better when cooked, making it a good choice for hearty salads, stews or as a substitute for rice.
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Overall, the flavor differences between white, red, and black quinoa are subtle, and each can be used interchangeably in most recipes. However, if you are looking for a specific flavor, you may want to try them all and decide which one you like best.
pierino August 24, 2010
I agree with Mr. Hirschfield here. The difference in taste between white and red is very subtle but the red does make for a more impressive presentation. Of course if you're hosting a black tie affair...well, maybe I would go with squid ink.
thirschfeld August 19, 2010
I think this is more of a question of nutrients, although I think the red tastes a little grassier. Different colors different nutrients. I have tried all white and red and think the taste differences are subtle as for black I just don't like the idea of it on a plate, same goes for black rice.
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