Making a quick and simple fresh pesto, but no pine nuts and no time to market. Any good subs?

Scott P.


Cherylkw April 1, 2012
My son has a severe nut allergy, so I've never used any nuts in my pesto, just basil, good olive oil and some garlic.
lcast April 1, 2012
Walnuts are even better!
bigpan April 1, 2012
walnuts, pecans, or almonds (skinned).
I also like using hazelnuts, but you can really use any kind of nut in your freezer. I've also used toasted pepitas and it came out well.
MTMitchell April 1, 2012
This is probably too late but my dad is famous for his pesto and he always uses walnuts. Basically he's too cheap to buy the amount of pine nuts he'd need for the quantities of pesto he makes (my mom grows A LOT of basil) and I've frankly never noticed a difference.
angiegeyser March 31, 2012
Agree with keel, walnuts are what I use in a pinch.
la D. March 31, 2012
Almonds make for a crunchier pesto, which can be nice.

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keel March 31, 2012
Walnuts are a good sub or you could try pepitas.
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