Want to make pesto flatbread for party appetizer. How can I make this a day ahead and reheat?

I want to make a cheesy pesto flatbread topped with maybe some fresh tomatoes that I would put on after it is baked...

Can I make this a day ahead and, if so, what is the strategy?

  • Posted by: Natalie
  • June 21, 2018


Nancy June 21, 2018
So this sounds like an individual pizza, with flatbread instead of pizza dough, yes?
Depends on how much you want to do in advance. Choose B if you have more freezer space & less time day of party to fuss with them.
Plan A) Make & bake the flatbreads one day. Store covered at room temp. Day of party, add cheese & pesto, bake in oven, remove, add tomatoes, cut & serve.
Plan B) Make & bake flatbreads. Add cheese & pesto. Freeze. Bake directly from freezer. Add tomatoes, cut & serve
Nancy June 22, 2018
Or, in second plan, top the raw shaped dough with pesto and cheese, freeze, then bake only once.
Natalie June 22, 2018
Do I have to freeze it if I am baking it the next day? Or can I just refrigerate it?
Nancy June 22, 2018
Yeast dough will continue to rise in the fridge.
So chill dough as a ball in fridge, then roll out and bake.
If you want it to maintain form after rolling out, either bake or freeze.
Natalie June 22, 2018
I am just using an already cooked naan bread....then topping with pesto and cheese. Is it okay to just refrigerate this?
Nancy June 22, 2018
Yes, already cooked bread (bean or other) can be prepped and stay in fridge 1 day.
Don't put very wet toppings on in advance, though, as they could make the bread soggy.
Hope it all goes well ...;)
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