User Friendly Ice Cube Trays

Hi Group ! I have pretty severe arthritis in my hands and wrists, and my current (hard plastic) ice cube trays give me major fits when I try to release the cubes. Since I routinely have a delightful adult beverage every afternoon, this is an issue. Anyone have any recommendations for easy-release ice cube trays for "normal sized" cubes? I've seen the silicone ones for huge cubes, but would like the standard size. Thanks so much in advance !



chef O. April 1, 2012
I would try the permeant ice they sell. It is either actual stones that you freeze ( perfect for adult beverages cuz they don't melt and dilute) or they are plastic and contain liquid that freezes. Reusable and no ice trays.
bigpan April 1, 2012
I would invest in the rubber-soft plastic ones where you only need to turn upside down to have the ice cubes come out. The old fashioned metal ones with the lever will crush the ice and you get more shavings than you do cubes.
Pegeen April 1, 2012
You might want to try an "old fashioned" stainless steel tray with a handle. This one is pricey but it has good grips.
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