Is Easy Off Oven Cleaner spray safe to use to clean baking sheet trays?



Sam1148 December 29, 2011
I have the same problem. My solution isn't the best. Don't remove the black baked on stuff. I find an aged pan has it's place, I consider it 'seasoned' and my workhorse one is practially non-stick now.
Fortunately, I have a great resturant supply store nearby so I can often find half-sheet pans for 6 bucks. So I keep one that's used as a workhorse and another one that's clean and new looking. The workhorse one gets the messy stuff like bacon and roasts...the clean one gets things like biscuits and cookies.

You shouldn't use Caustic chemicals on Aluminum cookware.
depending on how "caked on" the trays are, I use a Magic eraser for mild dirt, but if it a heavier layer I sometimes run metal pans through the cleaning cycle of my oven. they are clean for sure! but this is not for non-stick or tefflon pans. bare metal pans only. this also works for cleaning pizza stones.
susan G. December 29, 2011
Seconding the "not for non-stick or teflon" -- my son once ran the cleaning cycle of the oven with my cheap teflon baking sheets. Not only were they ruined, but they also vaporized the teflon and sent us all out of the house, all doors and windows open. Fortunately it was summer... Better to live with a little baked on stuff -- it's healthier than most of the alternatives.
Helen's A. December 29, 2011
I wouldn't recommend it. I suspect you would ruin your baking sheets. Your oven has a tough liner in it much toughter than a baking sheet. I would clean the baking sheets with a sponge, warm water and some baking soda to remove any stuck on items... Then use a bit of dish soap to remove any remaining residue...
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