Keeping dishes warm and fresh when serving dinner.

I love to cook Asian, style, and inspired dishes. I try to go with a couple of dishes including rice and a vegetable dish. The problem is serving them all together and keeping them "hot" and fresh. Any ideas? Jim

  • Posted by: jklsmith
  • November 20, 2020


Lori T. November 20, 2020
Most Asian food isn't actually meant to be served or eaten hot, but at room temperature- or at least at a tolerable heat level for eating. There will also be a mixture of temperatures and textures, so the cook is not expected to present four or five piping hot dishes all at the same time. Perhaps you should take a leaf from them, and consider that as you plan a meal. Individual rice dishes often have covers to help retain heat, and the other dishes served in a way to be communally shared. If you do this, you could use chafing dishes to help keep the mains hot the entire meal time. Though honestly, most of the Orientals would not be that concerned with doing that.
Nancy November 20, 2020
Try serving a hot buffet, rather than bringing the dishes to the table, where they will cool.
You can use stovetop pans on low heat, retro appliances like a chafing dish or electric frypan, modern appliances like rice cook or instant pot.
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