cookies that freeze well

here is am again on cookies. i want to freeze a bunch for a party in may. any suggestions of type?

  • Posted by: Jestei
  • April 4, 2012


Gibson2011 April 8, 2012
My grandmothers, aunts, and mom made tons of cookies for my wedding reception. They all made them a week to two weeks before and froze them. All turned out well. I'm pretty sure we had a shortbread cookie, dark chocolate chip cookie with dried cherries and pecans, mexican wedding cakes or russian tea cakes, and snickerdoodles.
Jestei April 5, 2012
Hi everyone. The baking the same day option won't work. I have to be at my event at 9 am and need to bring the cookies with me for a lunch. So I'd really prefer to have something I can take out the night before and thaw. There are some good ideas here merci!
Another vote for freezing dough and baking them off closer to the day. I love doing this and generally put half a cookie recipe in the freezer unbaked when I make cookies so I'm not tempted to eat the whole batch! I generally roll them into cookie-sized discs and can pop them individually in the freezer whenever I want a cookie.
SeaJambon April 4, 2012
If the container is airtight, just about any should work fine (in my household, the container can't be transparent or the cookies will have magically disappeared when I go to get them! Ahem. Silly little cookie gremlins that inhabit my freezer!). Actually, off the top of my head, I'm hard pressed to think of any cookies that wouldn't freeze well as long as they were in an airtight container (or ziplock). Might be a short set of answers to ask "which cookies DON'T freeze well".

And as another option: many cookies can be frozen as dough, such as in a slice and bake roll, or predropped, then baked "day of".
calendargirl April 4, 2012
In my experience, a cookie that is really rich (sugary, buttery, even better both) does well in the freezer. I like to keep shortbreads in the freezer (sugar + butter), and if they are in an airtight container, and (ideal, but not absolutely necessary), refrigerated for a few hours or overnight first, they don't really suffer much at all. Are you up for freezing balls of dough which then can be baked straight from the freezer? I have a nice recipe that calls for that, will look for it and post it and let you know.
Jestei April 8, 2012
yes i would love to have your recipe thank you.
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