Cookie party alternatives

Every Christmas season I host a cookie extravaganza that involves my friends putting on the finishing touches on a dozen types of cookies, a chili lunch and frosting covered kids. It's my favorite, but this year I'll be 37 wks pregnant on the weekend in question--anyone have any ideas for cookie parties that's not just a swap?



luvcookbooks October 11, 2012
what about a cookie potluck, with different cookies from each guest and decorating stuff to do the decorating at the party? maybe u could make a cookie cookbook for the baby with the recipes each person brings... could have baby themed cookie cutters and decorations if u wanted. my mom made a beautiful gingerbread cookie decorated christmas tree when i was little, that would be a fun party project, too! have u considered moving the party to, say, 36 weeks just in case? i moved house at 37 weeks and it was not the greatest idea i ever had.
drbabs October 11, 2012
Are you trying to make it easier, or just shake things up? To make things easier, make it a potluck lunch. To shake things up, make it a donation party. There are a bajillion charities looking for donations at holiday time. Pick one that sings to you, and make the party about donations, whether it's food, money, warm clothing, toys, baby things, whatever sings to you.
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