Quick dessert using up bunch broken chocolate chip cookies?

Made tons cookies for party and have leftovers and many broke. What can I do with them other than cake pops using cream cheese?

  • Posted by: Lara
  • May 28, 2018


Robin G. February 23, 2020
Biscotti is what I was hoping to do I had a whole container of cookies that are hard as rocks and crumbled half of it but I think I might do the parfait as well as the pie.
Wendy B. June 4, 2018
If its for one person, I would put the broken bits in a bowl, pour milk over and eat with a spoon! All. By. Myself.
Christine M. June 3, 2018
You could make Ina Garten's Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake. It's kind of like a tiramisu, but using chocolate chip cookies instead of ladyfingers. Of course, Ina uses unbroken cookies in layers; but since the cookies are transformed into cake by cream and mascarpone, by serving time,
no one will know that your cookies are broken.
Polly V. June 3, 2018
I have done it with a chocolate/vanilla marbled cheesecake and it added another dimension. Crunch and additional chocolate can’t be beat. Actually like it more than a graham cracker crust.
Smaug June 3, 2018
My worry would be that the chocolate would melt out the bottom and burn- burnt chocolate can be beat(en) rather easily. Do you mean you've done it with chocolate cookies (not unusual) or with chocolate chip?
Polly V. June 3, 2018
Instead of a graham cracker crust for your cheesecake, use finely crumbled chocolate cookies.
Smaug June 3, 2018
They're actually chocolate chip cookies, but someone else mentioned a crust as a possibility- have to wonder how that would work out with the chips. Well, I don't have to- I could try it or ignore it. Howsoever, I choose to wonder.
HalfPint May 31, 2018
I'm a little late to the game, but I would recommend mixing broken cookies into ice cream (aka cookies & cream). My favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, Cookies & Milk, does this with choc chip cookies and brownie bits. Soften ice cream, mix in cookies, and refreeze.
Smaug May 31, 2018
I believe that commercial makers use specially formulated cookies for those mixes; ordinary cookies turn soggy.
HalfPint May 31, 2018
@smaug, the cookies are soggy in Cookies & Milk ice cream, just like they are in Cookies N' Cream ice cream.
Smaug May 31, 2018
I'll take your word for it, and avoid the ice cream. That was something I saw on TV (probably), if they said what brands it applied to it's long forgotten.
Smaug May 29, 2018
Why not just eat them? Most people who bake eat a lot of broken cookies.
Nancy May 29, 2018
Make cookie Crumb pie crust (one large or individuals), then serve with filling of your choice.
Lara June 3, 2018
Yes I did this and a chocolate fudge with cookie bits inside
Nancy June 3, 2018
Lara - glad it worked out!
What could be better than chocolate with more chocolate?
nance May 29, 2018
Building on everyone else's great brainstorm here with layered parfaits...if you're hosting, why not have a Parfait Bar? You can offer up flavours of ice cream, some whipped cream, a few fresh berries/fruits, pudding(s), and as a timesaver, Philadelphia cream cheese even offers a cheesecake filling in a tub. (Now I wish *I* had some broken cookies to use up!)
BerryBaby May 28, 2018
Individual desserts.... start with a fancy wine glass. Add cookie pieces, a layer of whipped topping (or vanilla pudding), sliced bananas, more cookies, a layer of whipped topping and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. Top with a fresh berry.😋 BB
BerryBaby May 29, 2018
Oops! I didn’t read the responses before jumping in to post. EmilyNunn, sorry I didn’t read yours first, however we both have the same idea...great minds!

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EmilyNunn May 28, 2018
Why not do a parfait? layers of pudding or whipped cream in a tall parfait glass separated by a thin layer of your cookies? You could even layer some fruit in there or a tiny bit of preserves.
702551 May 28, 2018
Great call on the parfait, very easy to make.

The stone fruit season has kicked off around my area (Northern California) so cooking some fresh fruit to make a compote for the parfait would definitely easy and many of the stone fruits pair very nicely with chocolate.
702551 May 28, 2018
I'm pretty lazy so I'd probably just sprinkle them over ice cream, as a crunchy topping.

I suppose other easy uses would be as a substitution in tiramisù or a trifle for the standard lady finger cookies called for in both dishes. These would be non-standard adaptations but I would think they would taste okay.

Actually, I kind of like the idea of doing some sort of layered ice cream but that would require you to soften ice cream, mold it, add a layer of cookies, add more soft ice cream, etc., freeze until solid and serve. That's too much work for me but it might work for others.

Anyhow, I have no specific recipes to point you do. These were just a few ideas off the top of my head.

Best of luck.
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