I have 5 lbs of russet potatoes & a seder.

I have an invite to my 1st Passover Seder and was asked to bring a potato dish. I was planning a gratin until I read gratins work better with yukons, waxy type. I need a great easy dish for 20 people!



sexyLAMBCHOPx April 5, 2012
This is my favorite potato kugel recipe. I do add my own tweeks, such as half yellow onion/half shallots. Can be made-ahead and bet your potatoes would work here. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/potato-kugel-with-fried-shallots#theReviewBox
susan G. April 5, 2012
That recipe has milk as an ingredient. You would have to check with your hosts if that is suitable.
The typical potato kugel might do -- like a potato latke in a casserole. (many recipes, not on f52)
And 29 people at a big meal will not eat 20 full portions!
susan G. April 5, 2012
this was included in a Passover menu on the site
(I haven't made it yet, have been wanting to for a while!)
ChefJune April 5, 2012
I would look up a recipe for Potato Kugel. That is what most folks think of regarding potatoes and Passover.
mbergner April 5, 2012
Be careful, the dish below contains milk and may be an issue if they are serving a meat dish for dinner. Simple roasted crispy potato chunks with a bit of seasoning may be all that's necessary.
Panfusine April 5, 2012
How about..
this is a fabulous dish!
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