Quick and easy recipe for roasted potatoes

  • Posted by: Phito
  • June 30, 2013


bigpan July 2, 2013
I love roasted potato - and other root veg. I cut pieces, potato and/or other veg if you like, into like size pieces, drizzle with olive oil and a bit of tomato paste. Toss into a preheated hot oven (400+F) and watch. The tomato paste speeds the caramalization and adds incredible flavor. S&P of course.
Other veg that work well with this would be carrot chunks, turnip, parsnip, onion even celery and mushroom since you are using high heat and they will not suffer too much. Serve with a pat or two of butter (of course).
creamtea June 30, 2013
This one: http://food52.com/recipes/14554-the-wfp-greek-mahogany-potatoes
TobiT June 30, 2013
I agree with healthierkitchen's basic recipe. Sometimes to add interest, and depending on what I'm serving the potatoes with, I will also add a healthy amount of mustard seeds OR minced garlic OR rosemary OR curry powder (not all of these together!). But the basic recipe stays the same and experimenting with different seasonings is an easy way to add interest.
healthierkitchen June 30, 2013
Heat oven to 450 degrees. Lightly oil a baking sheet. cut potatoes into same sized chunks unless they are tiny baby potatoes. Toss with olive oil and then spread onto the baking sheet. sprinkle a little salt on top. Roast for about 30 minutes, tossing halfway through. Check them at 25 minutes to make sure they're not burning. I like the outside to get a little crispy and the inside to stay soft.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 30, 2013
How about this one: http://food52.com/recipes/2532-tad-s-roasted-potatoes
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