Can't find peach extract, can I use real peaches

My job is doing a High Tea tasting tomorrow. They want peach macaroons, I've checked Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Party City. Everyone is either out or they don't carry it. And Amazon won't be able to deliver in time. Can I purée real peaches down and then cheesecloth them to use some of the juices? They are pairing the desserts with certain teas so unfortunately it has to be peach macaroons.

Missy Campbell


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Shuna L. March 2, 2016
There are a number of ways you can get the flavor, scent and "essence" of peach into your macaroons or macaron.

1. buy dehydrated peaches & grind to make powder. Add this to mixture of macaron cookie or filling.
2. dried peaches can be ground in a food processor and added to filling or used straight to *be* the filling.
3. "peach extract" is an artificial flavor. the real scent of a peach is from the inside of the stone, and that tastes of almonds. if you need the texture, *and* scent of peaches, use the dried fruit and real almond extract.
4. you could also julienne dried peaches and add that to a macaroon mix, with the coconut, but it would not work for a macaron cookie base.

I hope one of these suggestions work!
Bascula March 2, 2016
Do you have a spice place, like Penzeys, or perhaps a restaurant supply store?
Sean R. March 9, 2016
Oh no, not Penzeys! They only carry basic extracts: vanilla, almond, lemon, and orange. Sorry, lots of employees are chewed out when customers come looking for obscure food items and find themselves disappointed.

Missy, I'd love to know what you ended up doing to achieve the proper peachiness!
caninechef March 2, 2016
I have had Kerns peach nectar( supermarket), pretty tasty. Probably loaded with sugar. I think Goya also makes one though I have not tried it.
Ben M. March 2, 2016
Have you considered buying a peach liqueur? I am sure your local liquor store will have one.
Ben M. March 2, 2016
Here is a link. on what they recommend to buy.
Dorie G. March 2, 2016
Ben, this is a good idea!
Dorie G. March 2, 2016
If you were to make a peach filling using peach jam and either white chocolate or cream cheese, would that work for you?
Ben M. March 2, 2016
If you were going to use peach juice you will have to reduce it to concentrate your flavor and remove most of the water. Your liquid ratio will still be off so you will have to figure out how much of the other liquids to reduce so they will set properly.
702551 March 2, 2016
This might work although I'm wondering where she will find non-insipid peaches in the dead of winter; they are completely out of season and will likely be bland.

If she can find high quality peaches at this time of year, she should be able to find peach extract.

Back to the original poster, your best bet is to look at other types of stores: gourmet grocery stores instead of the low-end stores you have attempted. The latter typically do not carry exotic or speciality items. I'd try a Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table type shop as well. They carry a selection of speciality ingredients and peach extract might be one of them.
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