Jelly Recipe Sugar Substitute

Rich Newton
Aug 21, 11:15 PM EDT

I realize that most jelly recipes call for approximately 4 cups of sugar, a certain amount of an acidic element (white vinegar, lemon juice), 32oz of a juice and a box or two of "pink box" pectin. If I wanted to prepare a jelly that contains a semi solid ingredient that has gelatin, would melt and contains sugar itself, how should I adjust the overall recipe in order for the outcome to be not so sweet, but also have the ability to set correctly?


Rich Newton

Rich Newton


Rich N. August 23, 2017
The taste was exactly like the candy which was perfect. I melted about two cups of them in 32oz of organic "unsweetened" white grape juice, added three to four cups of sugar, 6 tablespoons of lemon juice and about a 1.5 boxes of pectin.
Rich N. August 23, 2017
Thank you so much. Basically, I tried a jelly recipe using existing jelly beans. They melted great, but the outcome was not "set" as I would have liked, which I know how to fix. The issue was that with the added granulated sugar, the outcome was waaay too sweet. That and the sugar in the beans was my concern. I hit 220 with the temperature, but it was just a bit runny.
Nancy August 23, 2017
Do the jelly beans give any taste or texture better than you could get from a regular recipe for jelly ?
Nancy August 23, 2017
If I read your question correctly, you are starting with a prepared food that already has gelatin & sugar, and you want to make a jelly out of it, but are unsure how much sugar (by weight or percent) to add.
Suggestion: make 3 versions, one with sugar equal to your mystery ingredient, one with 80% sugar, one with 120% or 60% sugar.
Then compare.
And yes, be careful...use a responsible guide to canning for temperatures, cook times, etc.
C S. August 23, 2017
I think that pectin and gelatin work through different mechanisms so I don't know that there is a ratio to help you here and I don't know if it will work. If you don't plan to process the jelly in sealed jars and will keep it refrigerated or eat it up quickly you can experiment but I don't think this is a well known combination.
lynne August 23, 2017
I find your question confusing; not enough details about ingredients or process. Check out McClellans book on 'Naturally sweet food in jars" for possible recipes. Don't fool around- canning wrong can be dangerous!

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