Best Berry Cobbler

This calls for 1 cup of juice or water? What kind of juice? I have fresh blueberries? Wont it be too runny?

Margaret Ann


Shuna L. April 9, 2012
I would be interested in seeing the recipe-- I have never added liquid more than a squeeze of lemon/tangerine juice to a cobbler/crisp/crumble, especially a berry one. {In fact mine are usually on the saucy side because I dislike the taste of "binders" like cornstarch, tapioca, flour etc. & prefer the taste of the fruit to be the main attraction.}
Nozlee S. April 7, 2012
I haven't tested the recipe, Margaret Ann, but I would use a "neutral" juice like apple juice, or blueberry juice if that's available to you. Using fresh berries should be fine!
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