I would like to bake a fresh blueberry and peach cobbler to be served on Saturday (5 days from today). Would it be better for me to bake or partially bake the cobbler and freeze it or to freeze the fruit and bake it on Saturday? Also, should the cobbler be baked frozen or allowed to thaw before baking?
Thanks so much!



thirschfeld September 13, 2010
I used to bake peach cobblers all the time and I would leave the fruit frozen. That said it was a biscuity top so it would soak up all the juices. If you are using a pie crust type, or a struesel top I would add the flour like merrill says
HeritageCook September 13, 2010
Definitely freeze the fruit first and bake just before you take it. Freshly baked and still slightly warm is the most comforting! And if your host doesn't mind, you could even bake it there and give everyone the thrill of smelling the dessert baking!
Merrill S. September 13, 2010
I would freeze the fruit alone and then assemble and bake the cobbler on Saturday for the best results. Keep in mind that frozen fruit will be quite juicy when thawed (not a bad thing for cobbler), so you may want to add a bit of flour or cornstarch to the fruit before baking.
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