Why is mustard seed listed twice in the recipe, as mustard seed then as mustard seeds? Is there something I'm missing? Is seed different from seeds?

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Spicy Celery Quick Pickle Sticks
Recipe question for: Spicy Celery Quick Pickle Sticks


vrunka April 8, 2012
Sorry about the confusion. For some reason, I've been having a devil of a time trying to edit this recipe and have the changes stick. I keep going in and fixing it and then it reverts back to the way it was!

Anyway, one *tablespoon* whole mustard seed is the correct amount.

Hope you enjoy the pickles!
hardlikearmour April 8, 2012
I'm not sure. In the tasting notes, thehappycook used 1.5 teaspoons black mustard seed and liked the result.
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