Is there a substitute for molasses? It is for an oatmeal cookie recipe. Thank you.



petitbleu April 11, 2012
The closest molasses substitute would be sorghum--widely available in the South, but I can't vouch for other areas of the country. And yes, you could use maple syrup, but it is sweeter and has a very different flavor profile. Dark brown sugar has a molasses-y flavor, but you might have to alter your recipe a bit to compensate for using less liquid.
Lynnht April 11, 2012
Maple syrup but it might be a bit sweeter. If you want to try to keep some of that molasses flavor, you could use a combination of dark brown sugar and syrup (or honey).
ChefJune April 10, 2012
Honey, maple syrup, sorghum would all work as exactly measured subs. However, they will alter the flavor of the cookie. Molasses has a distinctive flavor. Actually there are two different molasses, blackstrap and unsulphured, and each has its own flavor profile. So it depends upon what you are going for.

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boulangere April 10, 2012
Honey works well also.
pierino April 10, 2012
I have no idea what your cookie recipe is but I've successfully substituted cane syrup for other things.
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