I made this on Sat. for Easter and we loved it. We forgot about it at the back of the fridge. It smells and looks fine...is the five days stora...

...ge a hard rule

Stephanie G
Tartine Bakery's Lemon Cream
Recipe question for: Tartine Bakery's Lemon Cream


em-i-lis April 12, 2012
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ChefOno April 12, 2012

And this would be a good example (IMHO) of a very low-risk food due to its considerable acidity.


How many of us own a pH meter to be certain?

And how many of us can smell salmonella bacteria?
susan G. April 12, 2012
There should be no such thing as a 5 day rule. Every food has its own set of conditions -- the food itself, how it was prepared, how it was stored... I trust my senses before a so-called inflexible rule.
Peter April 12, 2012
I had this in my fridge for over 2 weeks and lived to tell the tale. It was so rich my wife and I would swipe just a spoonful every now and again.
boulangere April 12, 2012
I think the cream will freeze just fine because it's so tender and buttery. The crust will probably suffer a bit, but if it's a choice between freezing and tossing, I'd definitely go with freezing.
ChefOno April 12, 2012
Lemon curd freezes well.
Stephanie G. April 12, 2012
Follow-up: can I freeze it? I'm thinking no, but it's soo good and we won't be around much to eat in the next few days.
Kristen M. April 12, 2012
Yes, the 5 days is just a recommendation and pretty flexible -- you'll know if it starts to mold!
em-i-lis April 12, 2012
In my experience, not with this lemon cream but with the lemon curd I make (similar ingredients and such), 5 days is a very conservative estimate. I've had lemon curd taste wonderfully after 12-14 days though at some point, it does start to break down. I think you're fine!
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