can you freeze bacon?



LarderandLibary April 14, 2012
Sure, I don't even bother to defrost it before cooking, just throw it in the skillet.
mainecook61 April 14, 2012
Absolutely. Wrap it tightly. When our pig returns to us (the freezer), the bacon is wrapped (sliced) in one pound packages and it keeps for a year at least.
bigpan April 14, 2012
Yes you can. I use a vacuum packer to freeze small packages of 6 slices. This is very handy since I buy chemical-free pesticide-free bacon that tastes sooo much better than mass produced product with too much fat.
Tarragon April 14, 2012
when I freeze bacon, I roll each slice up as a jelly roll, wrap it in plastic wrap, and throw all of the rolled up slices in a freezer bag. This way I can defrost as many pieces as I want at a time.
Louisa April 14, 2012
I also fry and freeze bacon. Just microwave several seconds and it's ready.
calendargirl April 14, 2012
Have been freezing bacon for years. Quinciferous is right about the convenience of freezing packets of a few strips each. I also like to freeze an entire package, as is. Then I can cut through all the slices, quite easily when they are frozen using a large sharp knife, and have several pieces of whatever size I need. Just pop them in a pan and they will separate in short order as you are cooking them
PhillipBrandon April 13, 2012
Yep, in small batches is a good tip. And just to clarify: I freeze it raw, to be cooked upon thawing.
Quinciferous April 13, 2012
Yes! Since there is exactly one bacon eater in our household, and even he's trying to cut back, we freeze bacon all the time.

We freeze it in serving sizes -- 2-3 strips per packet -- which makes defrosting easy. Chipping off a few strips off a big block of frozen bacon tends to be destructive, we've found. Wrap your little packet either in wax paper or parchment, then foil, then put all the packets in a freezer bag and squeeze out the air.
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