can i cure bacon in just 6 days

Big G-man


Big G. November 22, 2013
thanks for the input I got the Pork Belly Curing now so I will be out smoking it sometime Wednesday night. Thanks for the info nice to be in a forum where the answers make sense!
Dana November 22, 2013
foodfighter November 22, 2013
Yes you can. Maybe up the flavors in the cure (e.g. maple syrup, black pepper, bay leaves, etc.). If you have a vacuum machine that will really accelerate the cure. I have done 5, 6 or 7 days before. If you are worried you use pink salt and regular kosher salt, and up the kosher salt a bit. If you are using a ziploc, just flip it more often so the cure is exposed to all sides of the belly.
Pegeen November 22, 2013
I've never cured meats. But I hated to see your Urgent question go unattended.
In my humble opinion, you're going to have to wait for responses from readers experienced with curing meat. (Or else do some more Googling for answers.)
Home-cured bacon sounds fantastic. Good luck!
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