Eye of round roast

Help! I am cooling a 2.65 lbs eye of round roast. Directions said to roast at 475 for 7 min per pound and then turn off oven and let roast sit in there for 2 and a half hours. Roast supposed to reach 145 but mine is at 109. What do I do to fix this and get the roast to medium? I put it back in at 350. Is that a good idea????



pierino April 15, 2012
Boulangere is correct, don't trust that dial. When I tested the oven in my old apartment is was off by 25F on the low side. I don't go by hours per pound I go by internal temperature and for that I use an instant read thermometer rather than a probe. And the rest is very important as there is a heat boost as the juices spread back into the flesh. I don't know about the bath towel though. Tenting with foil works just fine for me.
SKK April 15, 2012
In additions to Boulangere's most excellect instructions, I would seriously consider getting an oven thermometer. All ovens are different. My daughter the baker got me one and it was quite a revelation.
boulangere April 15, 2012
I'd suggest turning the oven back on to about 300 degrees. The high heat was designed to sear the outside, while getting the inside ready to roast up. Not all ovens heat alike (there's a surprise), and not all retain heat equally. Your roast should be ready to come out of the oven at about 130 degrees. Drape it with plastic, and cover with a big bath towel folded in half or so. Let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing to allow the protein molecules to relax from the stress of heat, thereby letting free-floating water molecules to re-enter the cells and plump them up. Have you ever sliced into a roast or a turkey or a steak and had liquid gush out? Trust, me, we've all been there. It wasn't rested long enough. Searing + low heat + rest period = tender meat. Bon appétit!
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