Eye of round roast emergency

Sorry for the repost but me previous question made no sense. I meant to say the following.

Help! I am cooking a 2.65 lbs eye of round roast. Directions said to roast at 475 for 7 min per pound and then turn off oven and let roast sit in there for 2 and a half hours. Roast supposed to reach 145 but mine is at 109. What do I do to fix this and get the roast to medium? I put it back in at 350. Is that a good idea????



ChefOno April 15, 2012

More: Except I'd pull it before it reaches 145. The temperature will continue to rise after it's out of the oven. How much is a guess under the circumstances but if you pull it at 145 it will be medium well for sure. If you pull it at 135 and let it rest (tented under foil) for 20 minutes, that should give you a solid medium on that cut. Leave the thermometer in and watch what happens.

Eye of round is not the most tender cut, I prefer a finished temp of 135 -- but that's of course a personal preference.

ChefOno April 15, 2012
Yes, that's fine.
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