Lucky meal ideas or meals to keep the mind sharp!

I'm preparing for two very important interviews tomorrow. I'm so excited and nervous! Any ideas on meals for good luck or meals to keep your mind on point or even meals to decrease stress?

Any ideas are appreciated!



mensaque April 17, 2012
Gnocchi,no matter the sauce,just place a dollar bill under your plate and believe.It's meant to bring money and good luck.In Brazil each month's 29th is the day "Gnocchi da Fortuna"(Fortune's Gnocchi) is served on italian restaurants.But you can do it tonight and get the same results...Auguri!!!
AntoniaJames April 17, 2012
Day of: I'd only eat protein and veggies and/or a small amount of fruit like berries during the 5-6 hours prior to the interview. Carbs, especially sugar, put me to sleep (the carbs instantly, and the sugar with the crash after riding high -- and less focused - for a while) so I've stopped eating them altogether for breakfast and any other meal when I need to be sharp, mentally, in the hours afterwards (which, with my busy law practice, means virtually every meal, including dinner, during the week). It depends really though on how your body/brain typically react to various foods. People differ in that regard. And definitely take your vitamins/Omega 3s. They can help with sharpness almost immediately. The only caffeine I'd consume would be green tea and even then, not too much. And I'd take a long walk, without any music or radio, in a pleasant place both the evening before and the morning of the events. ;o)
HalfPint April 17, 2012
I agree with hardlikearmour. Keep it light and get plenty of sleep/rest. If you eat a heavy meal, it sits on your stomach all night, preventing you from getting a good night's sleep. And according to WebMD, green tea is good for sharpening your mind and omega 3 fatty acid can really help with mood regulation, pumping up your gray matter (their words, not mine).

To de-stress, do something simple that you enjoy. My husband likes surf the web for motorcycles and car parts, says it helps him to decompress after a long work day. I like to settle in bed with a cookbook or look at food blogs. Lately, I've been listening to podcasts of BBC Food program and The Splendid Table.
aargersi April 17, 2012
And drink some hot ginger tea tonight! GOOD LUCK!!!!
SKK April 17, 2012
Eat alkaline, not acidic. You will find yourself energized and calm. Here is a food chart and some great information and recipes. When I am under a lot of stress this is the best way for me to stay centered.

And good luck! HLA gave great advice, as always.
hardlikearmour April 17, 2012
Eat something you know your GI is good at dealing with & eat a fairly light serving. You certainly don't want any sort of abdominal distress during the interviews.
Take deep breaths and practice some positive imagery today. Close your eyes and imagine the interviews going well; think about answering the questions with confidence, think about success.
Best of luck!
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