Flight meal, any idea?

I will travel with my 5 and 1 year-old soon. I have to hold the baby on my lap for 10 hours. I will not able to eat any served meals because it would be even impossible to open the table! If you were me, what would you bring to eat with one hand? I've some great idea from Amanda's book, such as sandwich and salad. I would love to hear your ideas too. Thanks!



mayuchico June 26, 2011
Everyone! Thank you very very much for your great advice. Banana bread and meat loaf sandwich sounds good. I should buy "good" energy bar and chocolate for myself. All of your answers are really helpful! Thank you again.
latoscana June 25, 2011
I slice up apples and pack them in a baggie - they stay crisp and don't crush. I cut cheese into chunks so that they stay a little colder and firmer a little longer - it's also a boost of protein. I'd get your 5-year old to pick out some finger-sized foods and snacks that he/she can pack and enjoy. I'm sure the flight attendants will help you with your baby so that you can eat, go to the bathroom, etc. If you have any choice in the matter, try for the seats in back of the bulkhead so there's a little more legroom - a little play area.

If you need to go through customs, I have this cautionary tale: when my daughter was about 8, she was targeted by customs dogs who would not leave her/us alone. The officers asked us numerous questions about what we had, where we had been, etc. It turned out that we had brought a banana on the plane in her backpack. She ate it, we tossed the peel. The odor must have incredible staying power.

My desperation travel meal is an energy bar that I always keep in my computer bag.
Verdigris June 25, 2011
Look into the bento box concept. I have Pyrex containers that I believe measure about 7 by 5 inches and are about 1.5 inches deep. They have tight fitting plastic lids. Several of them will pack in a small cooler designed to hold a six pack. I make bento boxes in them. Tortilla Wrap sandwiches will work really well as well as things like peeled boiled eggs, whole grapes, cherry tomatoes, or baby carrots. The kids I have served them too like them as well. I plan them so they are all fingerable. As the container is reusable, I just put all the trash back in the container, seal it up until I can was things. It all stays contained.

SKK June 25, 2011
You have probably already thought of these 2 ideaa, but just in case...when my daughter was 5 I would pack a little bag of inexpensive games and toys - one for every hour in the air - and would give them to her one by one. And don't forget to have the baby sucking on something during take-off and landing so there will be pain in ears due to pressurization.
SKK June 25, 2011
I travel a lot and won't eat the food anymore, even in first class when I am upgraded.
Here is a great article on what to pack for food by Michelle Higgins of the NY Times.
Just scroll down to the first article called Pack Your Own Food for Your Next Flight - secrets of chefs
By the way, don't hesitate to ask kindly looking people to hold the baby for you. I often hold babies for Mom's so they can get a break.
nogaga June 25, 2011
Oh wow... I would definitely take (for you and for the boys) a few wrapped slices of Merrill's superlative banana bread, maybe some mini-sized yogurts, and meatloaf sandwiches-- nutritious, delicious and not difficult to eat in a cramped space. Also, some baggies of dried fruit and a nice plaque of really good chocolate. You deserve it!
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