Can a swede be used in place of turnip for the Traditional Scottish dish of Haggis, Tatties and Neeps?? Also, does anyone have a recipe for a scotch whisky jus?



hevvyg November 19, 2010
I grew up as a wee lass in Scotland believing that "neeps" was short for "turnips" and that turnips were the big purple veg with orange flesh. It wasn't until I moved to England that I realised that swedes and white turnips were different vegetables!

Anecdotes aside, I've always eaten haggis with mashed swede. I find the sweetness of the swede flesh goes with the spiciness of the haggis.
innoabrd November 17, 2010
incidentally, it is my understanding that you cannot buy a proper haggis in the US because they are not allowed to sell the lights.
12tomjerry12 November 17, 2010
Not sure when a swede turns into a turnip, both are neeps! Try with a beef olive filled with haggis, for something different. You can get sliced haggis, same as black pudding etc., to save wasting a whole haggis, if only filling a couple of olives.
innoabrd November 17, 2010
actually, neeps are swedes...
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