Bitterness -- after the fact -- in root vegetables: I made a root vegetable dish for which I cooked on the stove rutabagas and turnips.

A good bit of buttermilk and butter were added. I also added an apple, because I had a bunch on the counter and it seemed like a good idea. The dish was quite tasty on the night we ate it. Three nights later, when I heated up the leftovers, they were inedible, due to an overpowering bitter taste. The turnips were juicy fresh, and the rutabaga seemed fine (though not as juicy as the turnips) when I prepared the dish. What went wrong? Is this typical of turnips and/or rutabagas? Thank you. ;o)



wssmom October 11, 2011
How much did you peel the turnips/rutabaga? I find that I have to cut in at least 1/4 to maybe a half-inch to eliminate the potential bitterness. I know it feels as if you are getting rid of a lot of it, but it surely helps!
JessicaBakes October 11, 2011
I've seen this with turnips before too when they were by themselves. No idea why, but I suspect the turnips!
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