yay or nay: citrus-ginger marinade with turnips, parsnips, other root veggies?

i've decided on a quinoa salad that's not too deep and hearty (the lightness element on the tgiving table at which i'm just an invited guest and one dish-bringer), but I want to use the seasonal root veggies available to me. so i'll roast some cubed turnips, probably beets, carrots, broccoli, squash and parsnips, crispy cubes of tofu, and toss with the quinoa. obviously it all hangs in the flavors of the veggie roasting marinade--would citrus and ginger be too muddled with the veggies (especially turnips and parsnips)? i'm thinking grapefruit, ground pepper, ginger, honey, rice vinegar....fresh parsley?



ATG117 November 24, 2011
i would leave out the broccoli and use either a red wine or sherry vinegar instead of the rice wine. I'd also go light on the vinegar. By grapefruit were you thinking grapefruit juice? I'm not sure that would be necessary with another acid.
AntoniaJames November 24, 2011
I say, "Yay," but go very light on the ginger, and consider leaving it out altogether. I made a parsnip, carrot and orange marmalade a few years ago that was divine!! Remember that the parsnips have a certain spiciness all their own, as do the turnips. For that reason, the ginger might fight. And I'd use orange + lemon, with zest, not grapefruit. And I'd add definitely add fresh parsley, which brightens grain salads up beautifully, and would be perfect in this. Have fun!! ;o)
Raquelita November 24, 2011
Thanks AJ, I trust you immensely! I will eat any combo of herbs and veggies raw or cooked, the trick is to have it not offend the others...Happy Thanksgiving!
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