ISO Two Recipes....

One is for a dense fruit and nut bread to pair with cheeses for a cheese plate; the other is for a savory cake that can be cut into fingers or cubes and served with an apertif. I have had both in France and sometimes I find the former in nice restaurants when I order cheese in lieu of dessert.



AntoniaJames April 22, 2012
Although traditionally eaten during the winter holidays, pan de higo, a dense fig-based, dried fruit and nut loaf, could work: Or, consider just putting a variety of shelled nuts and dried fruits cut into small-ish pieces out with your cheese board. This gives your guests little bursts of flavor and texture as a counterpoint to the cheeses. ;o)
boulangere April 21, 2012
This savory "cake" might be interesting to you:
bigpan April 21, 2012
To your first part, I always prefer a cheese plate for dessert, but taking into account having a variety of half a dozen different cheeses, what guests have been eating and drinking and considering individual taste buds, I find rather than a dense fruit and nut bread (which is okay) you should have a variety of breads and crackers. Also consider some cheeses are best to stand alone. I serve Harrods Stilton by itself on little non-metallic spoons. Goes good with a fig infused vodka.
So, variety is an answer (but probably not what you are looking for).
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