Fruit Pairings for Mangos to Use in a Cake

I am looking to make a layered cake using 3 fruits that go well together and compliment each other. One fruit that I would like to use is mango. I am hoping to find 2 others so I can use one for the cake, one for the filling between layers, and one for the frosting.

Sam Excell


Meera B. January 21, 2021
Coconut, Tender coconut flesh, Limes all three compliment Mangoes. Either of the coconut for the cake & limes juice with zest for the frosting.
There’s another fruit which you can try is Custard Apple. They can be hard to get fresh in the US but most of the Indian Grocery Stores sell frozen custard apple pulp. It has a mellow, sweet yet distinctive taste.
Sam E. January 19, 2021
I have decided to attempt a mango cake with a kiwi filling and a strawberry frosting. If anyone has any knowledge on a good recipe to use for this where I can use the fresh fruit to flavor it, it would be most appreciated.
Nancy January 20, 2021
As strawberries are both watery and, in winter, expensive, I would use another form of strawberries to flavor the frosting. Either freeze-dried (great if you can get them) or high quality jam.
Then, use a few good fresh berries to garnish the finished cake - worth the money for a handful.
Nancy January 16, 2021
Any fruit that grows in India, where mangos originated.
One combo I that works well together is mango and peach, with a coconut frosting.
Liz D. January 16, 2021
I like berries with mango, and citrus goes well, too
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