cheese garnish for plain chocolate cake?

Planning to serve unfrosted chocolate cake with some fruit. What dairy garnish (except for ice cream) do you like? Anybody tried savory cheese? reactions?

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • April 21, 2015


PieceOfLayerCake April 21, 2015
I love pushing the boundaries with sweet and savory. I, personally, would go for it and just try something unusual like a gorgonzola dolce with some seckel pears, or perhaps an aged goat cheese with tart apples. I have personal experience with pairing chocolate with goat cheese (in brownies), and it is a match made in heaven. I think chocolate cake tends to be pretty 1 dimensional anyway, so a powerful cheese with a sweet finish might just give it more depth.
TobiT April 21, 2015
Ooh, the brownie/goat cheese thing sounds delicious! Did you add goat cheese to the batter or just crumble it in top?
Nancy April 21, 2015
POLC - both the goat and blue (gorgonzola solve) cheeses sound interesting notes. Since I asked the question this morning I came across a recipe that uses figs, pistachios and stilton...mousse, tuile, multiple sauces, etc....but the flavor profile could be adapted to accompany a cake.
ChefJune April 21, 2015
I was thinking to mix some chopped mint into either whole milk ricotta or mascarpone.
Francesca April 21, 2015
Nancy, I have a lot of experience with BelGioioso, (family business). I am sure you could try another kind. I just like ours the best since it is a little sweeter.
Nancy April 21, 2015
Thanks, I''ll look for it...Bel Giosioso
Francesca April 21, 2015
Also the mascarpone does work really well too. I sometimes whip that & make a frosting.
Francesca April 21, 2015
I would use BelGioioso Whole Milk Ricotta, add a little sugar, mix. Then garnish with Raspberries.
Nancy April 21, 2015
Thanks all for your ideas :).
Francesca, if I can't find the BelGioso can I substitute another whole mill ricotta?
amysarah April 21, 2015
Not really savory, but you could whisk ricotta and mascarpone together, with a little vanilla and just a bit of confectioners' sugar - sort of a lightly sweetened version of a cannoli filling.
keg72 April 21, 2015
I'd probably just dust it with powdered sugar and call it a day. If you're set on incorporating a cheese element, I agree that going with mascarpone might be your best bet.
Lost_in_NYC April 21, 2015
Mascarpone cheese slightly sweetened (or spiked!) could work since its used in tiramisu.
Meaghan F. April 21, 2015
How about some baked Brie?
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