What temperature should my meatloaf reach to be fully cooked.



chef2222 November 27, 2017
160 for any type of ground meat loaf. 165 for Chicken and turkey. It will not be dry and this is the safe temp. You can get sick cooking a meatloaf to a lower temp. Chef since 1988
bigpan April 22, 2012
Same as with any beef recipe ... 125-130 will be medium rare, 150-165 will be well done.
Dale F. April 28, 2019
Ground beef has to be 160 deg finish temp after resting. A steak can be cooked less because e coli is on the outside surface so it will be killed easily, but if you grind the meat the outside is now also on the inside.
gary12401 April 22, 2012
Ground beef really should be cooked to 155 degrees.
Eva V. April 12, 2016
Ground beef needs to be cooked to a higher temperature than other beef. Firstly because of its higher fat consistency and closer texture (denser). Secondly because unlike an integral cut of meat, ground beef has been exposed to more bacteria.
If you take it slowly it will not be dry!
pierino April 22, 2012
130F with a rest (covered) should be hot enough.
Dale F. April 28, 2019
Hot enough isn't the problem, e coli isn't killed until 155 deg. cook ground beef 160 & ground turkey or pork 165.
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