Earth Fare Supermarket. How is that place? One will be opening near me soon.

There will be one opening soon near me. I was wondering if any 52ers have any experience with the store or company.

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • April 24, 2012


Midge April 25, 2012
To echo most of the replies here, EF and WF are equidistant from where I live in Chas., SC and more often than not, I choose WF. EF is pricier, the prepared foods and bakery are eh, and frankly our store could use some sprucing up, so I go there only if I I'm in the neighborhood. That said, the people who work there couldn't be more helpful and they do have some good deals if you sign up for their text coupons.
petitbleu April 25, 2012
We have two EF stores in Knoxville, and frankly, I'm not super impressed with them. They carry a few items that we can only find there (Counter Culture Coffee, for one), but usually we just try to get everything we can at the food coop--they have better prices anyway.
sarah K. April 24, 2012
They're OK. We don't have a Whole Foods nearby, so EF does in a pinch. They're still too far away from me to make me go often, especially since, yes, they are kinda expensive. EF doesn't specialize in grass-fed or pastured, organic meat, etc. and since that's what I mostly buy, it's not that big of a draw. I think it's kinda like a smaller WF. Anything you can get there, you can also get at WF. The one thing that delights me is the 3 pound slab of bacon for $18 or so.
Author Comment
Several years ago an Earth Fare Supermarket opened in Raleigh. We visited the store about six or seven times. The prepared foods did look very good however they were pricy. Whole Foods prepared foods are much better. Now you have to know that we cook from scratch at home and we eat very good so we may not be fair in our evaluation. Earth Fare is not a place that entices us to shop there. Too pricy and even the sales are not really what we expected to be sale prices. I would not get too excited about the Earth Fare after the grand opening sales. Hope I am wrong for your area.
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