Lemom and Lime

Can we substitute lemon juice for lime juice What is the different between Lemon and Lime ?



latoscana April 24, 2012
Limes are sweeter. They are so similar but I agree with SCP - they have a completely different flavor profile. Mexican foods (and cocktails!) call for limes. You would never squeeze a lemon on a grilled fish taco. Mediterranean foods call for lemons. You can't sub limes for chicken with olives and lemons. Each is just wonderful in a salad dressing but they are different dressings.
Panfusine April 24, 2012
Depends upon whether you're referring to the fruits from an American or Indian perspective.

The small fruits that are available in that are called 'lemons' in Idia are called Key Limes in the US of A.and the larger fruits are referred to as Limes.

Lemons in the US have a thick rind, a bumpy texture & are bright yellow. I don't believe those are readily available in India. Kinda reminescent of 'Naarthangai'
They have a different aroma than the limes (Indian Lemons).
Slow C. April 24, 2012
I had no idea, thanks Panfusine!
Panfusine April 24, 2012
I still have vestiges of the native practice of referring to the green limes as lemons ..I've taken to stocking the big yellow fruits only of late.
BoulderGalinTokyo April 25, 2012
Thank you Panfusine, nice to know. We have many small citrus in Japan, kabosu and sudachi, which are interchangable sometimes in a dressing. But I have no idea what to use when Meyer Lemon is mentioned.

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Slow C. April 24, 2012
I think it all depends on what you are making. In my opinion, they have completely different flavor profiles and, in terms of taste, are not always interchangable (for example I would sub grapefruit juice for lime and would not use lemon in Thai curry recipes). If you are just looking for acid, then they can be exchanged (such as a salad dressing). Lemon is a classic seasoning and can be added to brighten just about any French dish close to the end, but I'm not sure I'd use lime, it just doesn't have the right flavor. Mexican black beans? Lime would be my choice, but I think lemon could also be very good. Mostly, just a long way of saying...it depends.
creamtea April 24, 2012
I would say in almost all cases, yes. I think of lime juice as a little sharper with a bit more sting. Limes are also a touch smaller; so if the measurement is "juice of one lemon" you might want to add a bit.
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