I added too much powd sugar (1c instead of 1/3c) to Lime Meltaway recipe! 2/3 is for rolling after baking! Adjustments?

Lime Meltaway is essentially shortbread, with lime juice/zest. I creamed 1 c butter with 1 c of powdered sugar, rather than 1/3 cup (poor recipe readthrough on my part, poor recipe writing on Martha's part). I added lime juice, zest, and vanilla as directed. Before I scrap, is there any adjustment that can be made to the recipe? other than tripling the recipe?



allisonjoe December 18, 2011
Oh - that might work. I've roughly doubled (with a bit more butter and flour than 2X) the recipe to balance out. (based on available ingredients!) Usually can't go too wrong with butter and sugar balance, but will watch out during baking!
Sadassa_Ulna December 18, 2011
I've never made the recipe before, but I would think that you could double [instead of triple] the recipe and then just "dust" with the 10x sugar "to taste" instead of doing the the tossing in a bag, which gives that type of cookie a heavy "coating" of 10x sugar.
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