Leftover coffee

Is there any reason I shouldn't drink coffee (plain, no cream or sugar) after it has sat in the pot for a day at room temperature?



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Not that great to drink for me but I frequently add it to cake batter or frosting for that extra kick! Also mixed with some Bailey's Irish Cream and heated makes a yummy treat!!!
petitbleu April 27, 2012
Coffee cocktails can also be very rewarding--try cold coffee (it should be pretty strong) with Gosling's rum and whole milk or cream--best served over crunchy "Sonic" ice. A friend of mine who roasts coffee beans makes this cocktail with leftover cold brew--he calls it the Polar Bear.
LeBec F. April 27, 2012
My Love, who suddenly at the age of 61, has gone completely cold turkey on a lifetime of morning coffee (switched to chai tea) used to drink reheated coffee, stored in its original counter top carafe, for 3-4 days( according to him, no ill effects). I would imagine that its high acidity helps preserve it, though i have seen it with a top mold after a vacation where the carafe was not cleaned out before we left.
wietje April 26, 2012
Icy cold coffee is nice, too, especially on a hot day.
maryvelasquez April 26, 2012
You can freeze leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and use the cubes in iced coffee. This way the drink won't become diluted.
calendargirl April 26, 2012
I'm with maryvelasquez! I keep a small pitcher in the fridge and add any leftover coffee to it. When I have enough to fill an ice cube tray, I make cubes of the coffee. Once they are frozen, put them into a ziploc bag and store in the freezer. Add a few coffee cubes to iced coffee, which will get stronger not weaker as the cubes melt.
amysarah April 26, 2012
This begs the question: when you make a pot of coffee in the morning, and have some leftover, do you dump it out? If there's a decent amount, I often put it in the fridge for iced coffee later in the day. (Not the greatest, but drinkable - does the trick. I'm not fancy.) Otherwise I just dump it. Anyone more clever than that with coffee, the sequel?
ChefOno April 26, 2012

From a safety standpoint, no, assuming you're going to heat it to the pasteurization point before consuming it.

Now my father, who drank percolated coffee for half his life, would disagree with me but there is no way of reheating coffee without causing it to turn all sorts of nasty.

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Good heavens I hope not, or I'd have been in big trouble a long time ago!
Cookie16 April 26, 2012
creamtea April 26, 2012
other than flavor, no. :)
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