Uses for coffee syrup

I had leftover coffee, so I added sugar and cooked it down to a coffee-flavored simple syrup.
Now I’m looking for creative uses for it, other than sweetening my breakfast coffee...ideas? Suggestions?



caninechef November 13, 2017
Turn some of your favorite chocolate items into mocha versions.
creamtea November 12, 2017
Dorie Greenspan uses this as a glaze for pastry in Baking with Julia....

Windischgirl November 12, 2017
Thanks for all your suggestions! Since I added sugar, the syrup is about as sweet as maple syrup. I think the it might be too sweet for savory recipes and I’m not a big fan of sweet-and-sour combos (although I often have leftover coffee, so I’m saving those suggestions for another day).
But Coffee-tinis? We always make a flavored martini for Christmas Eve, so this year might be coffee!
I also do a lot of Holiday baking, so Nigella’s chocolate cake in mini-loaf pans just might appear on a fellow Food-52er’s doorstep next month...
BerryBaby November 12, 2017
Make a coffee cheesecake, add it to a chocolate cake recipe or a slow cooking roast beef or beef stew,
amysarah November 12, 2017
You could make a coffee granita - more of a summer thing, but one of my favorites.

There's also a really good chocolate loaf cake recipe from Nigella Lawson, where you pour cocoa syrup over the top when it comes out of the oven - I think using coffee syrup would be excellent too:
foofaraw November 12, 2017
make coffee jello using unflavored gelatin
coffee jello shot
Es alpukat with reducing the coffee and sweet condensed milk
I'd think making coffee flavored bread would works as well (using it as sugar source)
Nancy November 11, 2017
Base for barbecue sauce or gravy.
Nancy November 12, 2017
for example, beef stew with coffee gravey
702551 November 11, 2017
My two immediate responses with little reflection would be A.) use in cocktails, or B.) ice cream topper.

I might have more ideas later.
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