Pet Peeves

Wondering about other cooks/chef's pet peeves when it comes to cooking professionally....



Benny May 4, 2012
Lets see...

1) Oven or reach-in coolers kicking the bucket before or in the middle of service
2) ditto petitbleu and ChefOno
3) Banquet guests arriving more than an hour late
4) un-labled food in the walk-ins
ChefOno May 3, 2012

Orders for well-done steaks. And then complaints about them being dry, tough and flavorless.

Arrogant, disrespectful, loud, discourteous customers. Parents of out of control children.

pierino May 3, 2012
You are preaching to the choir here ChefOno. You need to go all Marco Pierre White on them.
boulangere April 28, 2012
Prima donnas.
petitbleu April 27, 2012
Cambros not being refilled with ingredients after the shift before yours. It's like waking up late--you're behind all day.
allans April 27, 2012
All plastic utensils

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pierino April 27, 2012
The kitchen isn't clean. Cooktop, floor, sink etc.
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