do you a recipe for veggie meat balls and a good sauce?



drbabs April 30, 2012
How did I miss this recipe? I'm so glad I looked at this thread!
cookinginvictoria April 30, 2012
I was going to cite this exact recipe too! I've made it -- it is divine. The cauliflower soup/sauce is worth making on its own. It is really delicious. The chickpea-meatballs are excellent too. It is a great make ahead meal.
susan G. April 29, 2012
I agree with boulangere. I was going to answer with them.
boulangere April 30, 2012
You're darling! ;0))
boulangere April 29, 2012
Take a look at these. If you don't thin the soup as much, it functions nicely as a sauce.
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