What food would you suggest for a person who does not eat anything including meat, fish, veggis, or any thing like that?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


mrslarkin April 24, 2011
You mean like for medical reasons (e.g. gastrointestinal disease, anorexia, yadda yadda), or just because they are really really picky? More details, please!
Fran M. April 24, 2011
Peanut butter and banana sandwich. I have a sister like that. Oh applesauce and cottage cheese she would eat also. And cookies I made oatmeal to try to get something good in her. I snuck some cooked squash into it long before Seinfeld even had children.
sarah K. April 24, 2011
Tea and scones? Seriously though, what does this person eat? No veggies at all? What about fruits? Grains? Nuts?
RobertaJ April 24, 2011
A good, stiff drink and copies of all the local take-out menus. No way on God's green Earth would I cook for them.
pierino April 23, 2011
Air is good. But you need special equipment for that.
boulangere April 23, 2011
Dietician, definitely.
Sam1148 April 23, 2011
I'd recommend a trip to a dietitian, or undertaker.
TheHealthyApple April 23, 2011
How about tofu, tempeh, seitan or polenta?
BoulderFoodie April 23, 2011
Roasted Peeps... ;-0
beyondcelery April 23, 2011
It seems quinoa may be the healthiest thing this person would eat. I'd go for lots of whole grain bread, fresh fruit, and nuts. One of my sisters-in-law pretty much subsists on those, along with certain veggies.

On another note, have you looked into Selective Eating Disorder?

I know it sounds a little wacky, but my sister-in-law has made me a believer.
Merrill S. April 23, 2011
Is there anything this person does eat?
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