Is pickled garlic good for you?

Is fresh healthier



FunkyLady April 30, 2012
I agree with Slow Cooked. The fermentation process can actually add to the health benefits, provided it is fermented without preservatives. There is a book called "Wild Fermentation" that I highly recommend that explains the benefits of fermentation and detailed instructions on how to start fermenting at home.
Slow C. April 29, 2012
Garlic is an incredible superfood, no matter how you eat it. Some people find that raw garlic is difficult to digest in which case pickled garlic might be a good choice. It's a bit of a trick question because I don't know how it has been pickled--are we talking commercial chemical laden pickling? lacto-fermented? home-style organic? These things do matter, adding commercial chemical preservatives destroys nutritive value (in my opinion). Old style pickling/fermentation can actually add nutritive value and make something like raw garlic much more digestable. (Tried black garlic yet??? YUM!)
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