Working on a New York Style Chocolate cheesecake. I want to have a caramel layer within the cheesecake, not just on top. How would I do that?

I'm working on a cookbook with our special needs daughter and the caramel thing is her inspiration.

Champa Paul


Nancy January 24, 2020
I can't figure out how to bake all parts at the same time in one pan.
So I'm recommending making three things (crust and cheese parts same diameter, in separate pans; caramel in saucepan) separately.
Then when all three are at room or chilled temp (to your preference) assemble in individual glass dishes as a parfait. Then, if the cheese slips, no worries.
You could try to assemble as one cake, but I fear the sweet cheese layer would slip off the base caramel layer.
Champa P. January 24, 2020
Thanks for the thoughts!
Nancy January 24, 2020
By the way, I see Emma interpreted "in the cheesecake" as swirled throughout and I understood as inside or under the cheese.
How do you and your daughter see it?
Champa P. January 24, 2020
We were envisioning it as a layer in the way I think you envision, not swirled, I was hoping that because the cheesecake is so sticky that it might adhere to the caramel layer.
Nancy January 24, 2020
Thanks for this info.
Maybe layer in bowl or casserole:
Caramel sauce (bottom)
Traditional New York cheesecake (middle)
Caramel sauce (top).
Chill, cut & serve.
Emma L. January 24, 2020
Hi Paul! My first thought would be pouring a thick caramel sauce in a swirly pattern on top of the cheesecake batter (in its crust in the springform pan), then swirling with a skewer or chopstick if needed (might not be necessary depending on the cheesecake batter/caramel sauce thickness). Here are a few sources that might be helpful as you and your daughter work on the recipe:

— A no-recipe guide to cheesecake:
— A chocolate ganache–swirled cheesecake:
— Espresso caramel sauce: (I think the espresso would pair really nicely with the chocolate cheesecake!)

Hope that helps!
Champa P. January 24, 2020
Thanks so much for the response. I'll check out the resources!
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