Where does the head of garlic come in?



Benny May 4, 2012
I'm just guessing that the author left it out of the recipe by accident.

I would say that you throw the garlic in during the last minute of sweating the vegetables. It doesn't take long to make minced garlic fragrant and you dont want to burn it, so its typically added near the end of the sweating step for a recipe like this. If I had to re-write step one, it would look like this:

1) Melt ghee in a heavy-bottomed skillet over a moderate flame, then toss in rosemary, sliced leek, shallots and onion. Sweat the onion, leek and shallots in ghee until fragrant and tender about four minutes. Add the garlic and continue to sweat an additional one minute, then remove rosemary and discard.

I am NOT the author however, this is just my guess.
HalfPint May 4, 2012
My bad, I didn't read your question correctly. No more coffee for me ;)
HalfPint May 4, 2012
The head of garlic is actually the root of the garlic plant.
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